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Thesera. L Needleless PDO Thread Lift has arrived in Spain

The latest new technology from Korea for Needleless PDO Thread Lift is now in Spain at Zen-Sations Mobile Massage and Aesthetics!

We all know how popular PDO Thread Lifting is at the aesthetics clinics and the effectiveness of this wonderful technology from Korea which is used all over the world. Today, with this new clinically proven TDN technology, this is the next generation of PDO thread lifting that is Painless, Non invasive with No Downtime.

With Thesera L – a strong lifting treatment with Melting String, you need not go through any pain, bruising or swelling to have PDO Thread Lift. Instead we achieve full face penetration by using the TDN technology which is a safer and an effective alternative to surgery.

Melting string and TDN technology lifts and fills wrinkles for a smooth, brighter and tighter complexion.

TDN (Transfer Double Nanosphere) technology is the core technology used for penetration of various active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, PPC, peptides and various acids. Active ingredients are encapsulated in nano-sized vehicles to travel down the lipid, protected from external forces such as temperature and different pH levels. This allows targeting the entire face at once instead of just an area or section.

The TDN technology allows the whole face to benefit from the lifting effect, not just a targeted area. With this new technology, there is no need for conventional methods of using laser, micro needles or needles injected to your skin to achieve the lifted effect.

Compared to traditional PDO Thread Lift, the TDN technology has these advantages:

  • It can capsulize wanted materials

  • It does not damage epidermis

  • It helps specific materials to be absorbed without needles

  • It allows capsules to open at specific time

  • Safe and stable penetration

This non-invasive treatment is completely painless with no downtime.

Sensitive skin might experience a little tingling sensation and redness.

Benefits of No Entry PDO Thread Lift Treatment:

  • Instant face lifting effects

  • Pore tightening

  • Increase dermis density and skin elasticity

  • Whitening of skin for fairer skin tone

  • Radiant skin

  • Hydrates the skin

Zen-Sation’s Recommendation:

Ideal facial treatment for ageing and saggy skin.

The treatment consists of 5 steps.

1. After the initial cleanse we mix an Epidermis Balance Foam with the Dermis Balance Peelsner to remove dead skin cells, improve turnover rate of the skin cells and open up “tunnels” in the skin, which allow the strings to melt deeply into the skin This leave the skin clean and bright.

2. PDO Melting String Threads are then mixed with the High Tension Serum and applied over the neck and face. The threads flow down the open tunnels into the dermis, seeking out areas that require tightening. Once the “targets” are found, the capsules release the threads, which work similarly to a conventional thread lift.

3. The hydro booster is applied immediately after to enhance absorption, hold the threads in place and add moisture to the skin. This is then massaged into the skin using a lifting technique which further helps absorption and skin lifting.

4. The High Tension Gel is then applied to tighten and lift the wrinkles and a Finger Technique Massage further tightens and boosts elasticity.

5. The High-Tension Ampoule is then applied to nourish, lighten and brighten the skin

The treatment is then finished with a moisturiser and sun screen.

Duration: 75 mins

Kath at Zen-Sations is also a qualified educator and offers accredited (6 CPD CREDITS) training in this amazing facial.

Training cost 600€ and includes a starter kit consisting of Epidermis Balance Foam, Dermis Balance Peelsner, High Tension Serum, High Tension Melting Strings, Hydra Booster, High Tension Gel and High Tension Ampoule for 4 treatments and a manual.

A payment of 300€ is needed up front to cover the cost of the training pack

Training can be in person or if you live a distance away it can be provided via video link.

Therapists must have a facial qualification

Further products can be ordered via Zen-Sations


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