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Dry Body Brushing and Body Sugar Scrubs

Dry Body Brushing

Zen-Sations Mobile Massage, Spa and Beauty Therapies, based around the Orihuela Costa offers dry body brushing as a stand-alone treatment or an add on to all massages.

Clients who have had this treatment say that although they have used a body brush as part of their self care routine, it just doesn't feel the same as when it is completed by a therapist. Of course it still does the job, but the sensation is totally different when done by someone else, it feels both relaxing and refreshing. Brushing the skin whilst dry as opposed to in the bath or shower allows exfoliation without the skin losing it's moisture.

So what's the point of it?

Dry brushing exfoliates the skin and therefore gets rid of dead skin cells and unclogs pores, which in turn improves cell turnover, it increases circulation and helps the lymphatic system work better, it stimulates the nervous system making you feel invigorated and improving clarity of mind. Great just before your next big assignment or a report is due. As you can probably tell by my writing I haven't had this treatment today!!!

As a therapist who tries to be as honest as I can with the current knowledge I have based on scientific research I will say that to date there is absolutely no evidence to substantiate the claim that dry body brushing reduces cellulite; it may reduce the appearance in that the increased blood flow can temporarily plump up the skin, but it will return!

Body Sugar Scrubs

Good old fashioned soap and water will clean the skin, but it won't get rid of all the excess oil and dead skin cells. What does get rid of these is a good quality sugar scrub such as the Kaeso's Mandarin and Black Pepper which is used at Zen-Sations, not only good quality but it smells amazing. There are no side effects as they are natural products and they are suitable for all skin types as they are more gentle than salt scrubs.

So what does it do?

The acid in the sugar is a key component for maintaining healthy skin; it helps moisturise, nourish and condition the skin as well as guard it against harmful toxins. It boosts cell regeneration and enhances skin renewal.

You will see and feel a very noticeable difference after using sugar scrubs if you use them regularly, both in its appearance and its function, leaving it glowing, uniformly textured and radiant.

At Zen-Sations I use sugar scrubs as a stand-alone treatment and as an add on prior to massage to aid the absorption of oils used. They are also used in my amazing Bacials, which are facials for the back, an often neglected area of the body.

Why not try one or both of these treatments now.

Contact me via this site on the contacts page, phone, e-mail or Facebook to book an appointment.

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