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What You Can Do Before, During And After A Massage with Zen-Sations

To ensure you have the best experience with Zen-Sations when you have a massage there are a few things you can do to help.


Eat an Hour Before - Sooo many people get the 'rumble tums' while lay on the bed and often feel embarrassed by the loads groans their stomachs make. The best way to avoid this is to have something to eat about an hour before; this will give you time to digest your food so you don't feel uncomfortable while lay on your stomach and also keep the groans to a minimum

GP's Permission - there are a number of contraindication for massage, but very few are a definite no no, most just mean we will need to adapt slightly. If your condition is on the list of contraindications see your GP and just get a note from him/her to say they feel it will be fine for you to have the treatment.

Personal Hygiene - Have a shower to ensure you are clean and fresh and make sure you cover any small wounds and warts etc with a plaster. You don't want to infect your cuts and I certainly don't want to catch anything contagious.

Communicate - Ensure you communicate your needs to me, i.e why you are having your massage, any illnesses, conditions, aches and pains, what you like or dislike, what pressure you prefer etc.


Personal Comfort - Undress in a manner where you feel comfortable. As I am in your home I can't just walk out and leave you for a few minutes, but I do hold the towel up above my head so you have privacy to get on the bed without an audience. I have no problem with people being naked on the bed, but I do have a problem with men stripping off in front of me before the towel is in place. I try to show respect towards my clients, please try to show it back.

It's always best if you take your jewellery off to prevent it getting in the way.

Continue to Communicate - If the pressure is too soft, too hard or causing you pain, don't just suffer in silence, tell me! I hear so many times from clients that their last therapist 'did it too hard and hurt me' but when I ask if they said anything the answer is always no.

I often bring relaxing music with me, but if you don't want any just tell me.

To talk or not to talk - Some clients talk a little while I massage the back and then go quiet, some don't speak at all and some never shut up, I am happy to go with whatever you want.

Feel free to doze off at any point, but remember there will probably be a point where you wake yourself up with a snort!!!


Relax - Take your time getting up and get up slowly. You may feel a little dehydrated so drink some water. Chill out and relax.

Continue to Communicate - Be honest with me, do your aches and pains feel better, what worked and what didn't etc.

Too often we neglect our own self care so the answer is RE-BOOK!!!

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